Google Developer Group (GDG) Mwanza


Google Developer Group Mwanza is a group caters for developers in Mwanza, Tanzania with interests and/or practical experience in Google technologies. The group is aimed at bringing together Google Technology enthusiasts to share and learn from their skills and experiences to create effective systems and solve compelling problems within the country using Google Technologies. Our Meetings will always be open to general public.


My name is George Machibya I am the Organizer and Manager GDG Mwanza. GDG Mwanza stands for Google Developer Group, it is a group of passionate developer who are interested in developing application in order to solve problem that is facing comminity. GDG Mwanza was incubated in August 18, GDG Mwanza is bringing together developers by hosting Tech Events, Conferences and Outreach in Mwanza City. Thanks to all participants who are following our group and attending our events. Special thanks to team lead i.e Jacob Henerico, Emmanuel Max, Isaac John, Window Mushi and Muganyizi.

What we do

Training on ICT product such as Android, Google Cloud Platform, Google Drive, HTML5, Google Chrome, DevArt, Game Developer, PHP and Google Maps. We also conduct short Course in Android to Mwanza developers, outreach to Secondary schools motivating students taking Science subjects, Consultation.

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